Kristen Wood Photography | Moodboard

I’ve been easing myself back into work this week – - and it’s been therapeutic to work through a few new moodboards, this one included, as we move forward with a handful of brand strategies. There’s something about this one, though, that makes my designer eyes truly happy. It’s the perfect storm of modern femininity. For this particular photographer, we don’t want to put her in any one corner ( too starkly modern, or too whimsical ), so balance becomes key. By utilizing classic type ( on the thin side ) with a more dainty palette, we’ll be able to walk that line. PLUS, I just think there’s something about these colors that’s drawing me in on a more personal level. They feel calm. I’m digging that. Can’t wait to share a few more process shots we have in the works! This one will be fun.

Breanna Rose | Married

This past weekend was absolutely perfect. Everything went by so fast … it almost felt like a dream. But all I know is that our hearts are absolutely full and we can’t wait to start the rest of our journey together. I promise I’ll share more soon, but for now, we’re easing ourselves back into normality since our honeymoon isn’t until later this month. Thank you for all of your support and kind words on my last post. I want to HUG YOU ALL!! Seriously. More photos can be found on instagram … ♥

Getting Married | Breanna Rose

Michael and I disagree on the general timeframe that we first met. But at least both of our memories revolve around french class. For me, it was 10th grade. We sat next to each other and I would often forget my french textbook. Michael didn’t. Our teacher would have us share books whenever we forgot, so I would scoot my whole desk next to his a handful of times per week. I’m pretty sure Michael was annoyed that I kept forgetting, but really, I was lazy + knew he would always have his. ;) We didn’t really talk … just followed along with whatever Madame Retka was saying in a different language. Michael’s hair was bleach blond, to his shoulders, and many people ( including myself ) referred to him as “Petesch.”

Capsule Wardrobe | Breanna Rose

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was in the process of cultivating a capsule wardrobe. The blog Un-Fancy has been a huge inspiration in my process + it doesn’t hurt that Caroline has a similar style to what I would pick off the racks anyway. I literally sat down, drew out boxes ( similar to the image above ) and filled in ideas for my wardrobe based on what I already had and what I need to fill the cracks. It’s kind of funny how easy it was to figure everything out once I could see it on paper. Before, I would get overwhelmed and not buy anything at all, leaving me with a very sparse closet. I was literally wearing jeans + tees every day.

The biggest thing I’ve learned throughout this whole process is to find brands that fit really well and start from there. For me, that happens to be J.Crew + Everlane. I may discover good finds elsewhere, but these are my two “go to” brands that just never fail. From there, I’ve learned to simply be myself. I’m not a very fancy person and tend to wear simplistic and casual outfits on the daily … so that’s where my focus was. As you can see ( above ), there’s a whole lot of white, grey, chambray, and cognac. My neutral sweet spot. I don’t really have much more color than that in my closet – - and have learned to be okay with it. Is this adult life? If any of you are currently putting together a capsule wardrobe and have any good / fun finds, I would love to hear about it! You can shop what I have so far below :

Moodboard | Curated by Rowan Made

Hey you guys! Remember a few days back when I talked about kicking those excuses to the curb? ( Thank you for all your sweet responses about that by the way. I truly appreciate each and every one of you. ) – - Well, about two months ago, I started quietly working towards one of my goals. My back was at it’s worst, I had too much work, and was desperate to make things better. I had always planned on expanding my design studio, Rowan Made, beyond just myself. I just didn’t think it would happen so soon. ;) So in the midst of chaos and stress, I did something that OLD Bre wouldn’t have done. I brought on a new team member! Old Bre would have waited for the chaos to subside. Silly. So without further ado, I would like to introduce you to Rowan Made’s newest designer : Brianna Burton!!