Be Free, Lance | Do I need a blog?

I got an email the other week from a reader, asking whether or not she truly needed a blog to promote her work and become a successful freelancer. Two years ago (heck, even one year ago), I would have said “Yeah, it’s probably a good idea.” But now? Well, things have changed. Visually driven social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram allow users to quickly and efficiently showcase all aspects of their creative lives, whether it’s promoting new work, curating a pinboard, or sharing behind the scenes action. At the drop of a hat, creatives can put their work (or style) directly in front of an audience without ever drafting a lengthy blog post. And that’s a big plus for some!

Truthfully, blogging is not essential for success within the world of freelancing. Nowadays, you can build the same kind of audience (if not bigger + faster) on Instagram, where everyone seems to be hanging out. Same with Pinterest! So where does that leave us with blogging? Well, that one is totally up to you. Blogging is a powerful medium that allows creatives to dig deeper and share more. But if you’re not feeling it, don’t worry! You don’t need a blog in order to have a big impact. By focusing on social media and utilizing these visual platforms to your advantage, you can still share your work to an interactive audience. It’s just a little bit different, that’s all! Consider where you’ll be more efficient and go for it. Because at the end of the day, it’s never a bad idea to put yourself out there and see what happens. :)

PS. Exciting news! The Be Free, Lance workshop is coming along and we’re SO close to launching! Tomorrow, we’ll be sending out a special newsletter that finally reveals when registration opens. So if you’d like to hear about it first, make sure you subscribe on our home page. See ya there!

Adorn Design Process | by Rowan Made

There are certain projects that I get overly excited about, which typically centers around either FOOD or fashion. And this project happened to include the latter! Adorn is a clothing boutique located in Portland that is one of those places where customers are very loyal and come back for the overall experience. Plus, their staff is friendly and always active within the little community they’ve created. We wanted to carefully marry the idea of nailing down a styled brand that still felt welcoming as a whole. So to achieve this, we explored type that was modern, classic, and simple. And by pairing this with hearts and a much softer palette, we were able to successfully create a brand that captures exactly what these ladies do! I’ll be sharing the full brand reveal shortly, as they just hosted their grand reopening earlier this month! All I can say is that it’s 100% amazing to see a brand you completed front + center in a store. Hashtag is this real life?!

PS. You can see the initial moodboard right here.

Little Insights | Breanna Rose

life as of late has gone a little something like this

ONE I’ve been slowly adding little pieces to our home here and there, which feels nice. I’ve learned that rushing out to buy stuff, just to fill space, doesn’t work so well. ;) Owning a home and making it “ours” has definitely tested my patience on SO many levels. This bowl was found by Michael at an estate sale, and filled with old dried flowers from a previous arrangement we had in the house.

TWO Walter has been in obedience school for EIGHT whole weeks now, and tonight is his graduation! That is, if he passes, of course. All of the puppies have a handful of commands they’ll have to go through, so our fingers are crossed that he’ll decide to obey tonight. He’s usually really good, but just like people – he has his off days. The photo above was from a Sunday walk me and Walter took to practice some of his skills. I can’t recommend puppy classes enough! It’s like night and day from two months ago.

THREE Fall in MN is quickly coming to a close, I can feel it (and so can my allergies). Besides the last of the leaves falling, it’s starting to get colder, too. We’ve been so lucky with a fairly mild fall (temps in the 60′s and 70′s), but of course, winter is coming. As a farewell, Michael and I collected these pretty leaves in Minneapolis over the weekend as we were adventuring around!

Moodboard | Ice Cream Shop | Rowan Made

My original goal for Rowan Made was to have a fully functioning website up during the fall. But you know, life happen and things change. ;) Although the website is coded and ready to go (behind the scenes), I’ve been working on a few project expansions before actually opening it up to the public. It’s been driving me nuts (I’m so antsy!!), but it’s truly important to showcase projects that will attract the right clients for Rowan Made. It’s taken me a bit of trial and error to discover my true niche, but this launch should help solidify things. Since I’m so excited to show you all everything I’ve been working on, I thought I’d let you in on a little secret project of mine. This is the moodboard for a conceptual rebranding of an ice cream shop here in Minneapolis!

There aren’t any rules that say you can’t work on fake projects, so I’ve taken it upon myself to do just that. I wanted to pick a brand that would fit into my new portfolio and help share the type of work I absolutely enjoy being apart of. And food is a big part of that. ;) The above moodboard takes a modern, yet semi-nostalgic approach to the ice cream shop, while utilizing lots of texture and color to really sell things. If you’re sneaky, you can see a few more sneak peaks on my dribbble account. Cheers to taking matters into your own hands and I hope to share more really soon. The new goal is to launch Rowan Made’s website before the new year arrives. SOON!

Wantlist, by Breanna Rose

I’ve been compiling a bunch of favorite things + brands as of late, some of which are included above. The first one I wanted to mention was Industry Standard jeans. I am OBSESSED. After years of searching for the perfect pair of denim, I’ve finally found them. They fit like a glove, don’t stretch out, and are affordable for the quality you receive. I’m 100% serious about this one you guys and am prepared to slowly replace my denim supply with all of these!! Another brand I’ve been reintroduced to is Someware Goods. I remember seeing their products (home goods GALORE) well over a year ago, but finally checked back in for an update. I am now currently coveting all of the things. Sigh. Feel free to browse everything else below!