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Hello hello! While I’m away, I thought it would be fun to share a few snippets from my home office ( AND to host a fun giveaway, but more on that in a sec!! ). We’ve officially been here for a year now and only recently did my office get the care + attention it desperately needed. Seriously, though — I had nothing on the beige draped walls for months. I don’t miss that a bit. ;) Before getting things together, I slowly created a pinterest board of what I was drawn to. My last office ( in our old apartment ) was very bright, eclectic, and small. This time, I wanted to be a bit more mindful of what I was putting together, while still creating a space that felt inspiring to work within. The end result is simple, fresh, and filled with tiny details that make me smile. Here are a few more details …

Breanna Rose | OfficeBreanna Rose | OfficeBreanna Rose | Office

I’ll share details about some of the prints below, but first – it’s GIVEAWAY TIME! Amber + Mike, the lovely duo behind Variety Show, were kind enough to send me a print for my gallery wall, which 100% encouraged me to finally put everything together in the studio. And today, they’re offering one of my readers a print of their own! Their shop currently has three simple + modern prints that stick within a simple color palette : black, white, and gold foil. Check out the prints below and read on to see how you can enter!

Variety Show Giveaway | Breanna Rose

Okay! SO. To enter, please leave a comment below sharing your favorite print from their shop as well as following them on either facebook or instagram. One entry per person, open to all who have a valid email address. The winner will be chosen at random and announced one week from today ( September 4th ) on the blog + through social media. Good luck guys!!


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If I’m being completely honest, this summer has been a rollercoaster ride. From breaking down over a bowl of cantaloupe ( that happened ) to experiencing the full on bliss of our wedding day, my emotions have been all over the place, to say the least. Sure, I’ve kept my hat on and done my job — but I’ve also been quietly + steadily battling an influx of anxiety, stress, and unsettledness. The busy lifestyle I’ve created for myself is no longer sustainable and I’m truly ready to begin pulling back. At least I think so! Change is hard, and I’ve fought it for months, but today marks a new journey … one that I’ve been waiting for. At 7:30 this evening, Michael & I will be getting on a plane to Europe for our honeymoon, where we’ll have two weeks full of delicious food, long walks, and uninterrupted adventures.

I’m more than ready to relax. Explore. And do everything in between, too! Things will be a little quiet here on the blog ( minus a few scheduled posts ), but I promise to share updates over on instagram if you’d like to follow along. And when I return, it’s time to kick those excuses of mine to the curb. For real. :) Cheers to learning, growing, and putting yourself first. ♥

Be Free, Lance | Chasing Clients | Via Breanna Rose

Chasing clients can be one of the trickiest + touchiest situations within the freelancing game. Just like with any typical contract, both parties are supposed to perform and communicate to the best of their abilities … but unfortunately, there are many instances where things get grey. For example, maybe your client goes silent for weeks on end without notice. Or maybe you’re having trouble collecting overdue payments. In situations like these ( and many more ), the common thread is simply a lack of communication. For whatever reason, one half of the party isn’t informing the other of what’s going on, which can be frustrating beyond belief. We’ve all been there! So what do you do?? Personally, I’ve found that the best plan of action is to be both patient + persistent. And above all, understanding + fair. Not only to yourself, but your client as well.

There’s two sides to every story here. You, the freelancer, are trying to run a successful business. You have schedules, deadlines, and things that need to happen in order to move forward. But both parties, however, also have a life. One that doesn’t stop for anything. And truthfully, there’s no telling what sort of road blocks, project related or not, will place themselves right within your timeline. That’s what makes things so difficult! Maybe your client had a sudden health scare in their family. Or maybe they had an unexpected expense come out of nowhere. You never know! As freelancers, our first reaction to silence is typically project related + negative. Things like “I haven’t heard from them for WEEKS! They must really hate what I’ve done and not want to move forward” cross our mind. But nine times out of ten, that’s just not the case. So instead of creating scenarios within your head, try getting to the bottom of it instead.

Breanna Rose | Wedding Website

I wanted to share our wedding website with you all a long time ago ( it was the one thing I finished quickly! ), but didn’t feel comfortable publishing all of our personalized details on the blog. But that was then and this is now. Since the big day is over ( I still can’t believe it ) — I thought today would be the perfect time to share our finished website!! We relied heavily on this thing, as it collected RSVPs and went over a lot of important information for our guests. While this sort of thing is typically done via intricate stationery suites, I decided to keep things simple. Kinda weird for a graphic designer who drools over print pieces on the daily, ehh? At least our save the dates + general invites gave me my fix!

Breanna Rose | Wedding Website

This was a fun personal website for me to design + develop, which isn’t always the case. Designing for yourself can be a challenging ride, often filled with endless revisions and self-doubt … but this particular project only took me a solid two hours to complete! CRAZY. In the end, it’s a short + sweet one page website that relies heavily on organization and tiny little details. I kinda wish it served more of a long lasting purpose, ya know?? But for now, I’m just happy to finally share! Feel free to click around on the live website right here. And a big thank you to all of you for your kind words of support + encouragement as Michael and I enter into this new journey of being MARRIED. It’s been wonderful. :)

Little Insights | Breanna Rose

life as of late has gone a little something like this

ONE Have any of you ever taken that love languages quiz? Michael and I both took it before getting married and scored “quality time” as our top language – - which totally makes sense. We’re at our best when we’re out seeing the world together, even if it’s just by taking a 30 minute drive south to go hiking. So this weekend, we finally filled our time with adventures ( including family time tubing down the Cannon River + exploring Red Wing!! ). Prior to getting married, our weekends were full of planning + prepping, so it was nice to let loose and have some uninterrupted time together.

TWO As a part of our weekend adventures, we came up with the spontaneous idea to take our little pup Walter hiking for the first time. We hopped in the car, drove an hour south, and found ourselves at Frontenac State Park. Walter did a three mile hike with us like a champ. He navigated down steep slopes, took a break at the beach finding sticks, and beat us back up the to the top. It was the cutest. :)

THREE Over the past year or so, I’ve quickly + quietly become obsessed with the city of St. Paul, MN. I know many of you who are out of state have heard about Minneapolis, but St. Paul is actually our capitol – - the other half of the “Twin Cities.” Michael & I have spent many weekends exploring around that area and are hoping to move back sometime in the next year or so. Because let’s get real : I need to be closer to my brunch of choice, The Buttered Tin. Every time we visit, I pick up a treat to go. This time ( a week ago ) it was an almond cupcake. #YES