This Is Where You Are | Wallpaper by Breanna Rose

When it comes to desktop backgrounds, I tend to fancy wallpaper on the simple ( go figure ) side of things. And it just occurred to me that I hadn’t been doing much of that lately in this column, so I went back to the basics and used a phrase I’ve been repeating in my head a LOT. I’ve written about the sentiment of being present in the past, but it’s truthfully something that I have to work hard at each and everyday. It’s just how I’m wired. So when I find myself wandering into future land or worrying about things I don’t need to be, I simply say “this is where you are” or “this is who you are” to remind myself to be just here, right now. This desktop is already on my computer as a visual reminder, which certainly helps while at work! Plus, this design is borrowed from a rejected client comp that I enjoyed enough to recycle in a meaningful way. You can download in various sizes below! I hope it can help some of you, too.

Wallpaper | The Right Direction | by Breanna Rose

Today’s free wallpaper is a little bit different than normal, simply because I’m only offering it in mobile format. I wanted to transform this quote I worked on a few weeks back and share it with you all, but quickly realized that the composition was best suited as a vertical only. SO, that means our trusty ipads and iphones are the winners this time around! I hope you understand. ;) The phrase, though, is something that I genuinely identify with ( and hope other do too ) as I venture off into a handful of new opportunities. Sometimes the right direction truly does feel disorienting, but in a new + exciting way. Feel free to download the wallpaper below. It’s LARGE so that it stays crisp on retina display. Enjoy!

Free Wallpaper, A Lot of Leaves | Breanna Rose

Today was one of those mornings where getting out of bed didn’t even feel like an option. Minneapolis is sitting in FREEZING temperatures ( feels like -38° out there ) yet again. And with no end in sight, I’m dreaming of something warmer. So when I set out to make you guys another free wallpaper this morning, all I could think about were leaves. LUSCIOUS LEAVES. It’s become a sort of tradition that my mom and I go on some sort of “Spring Break” ( she has off ) in March and last year, it was Florida. I remember arriving and just being enamored by all the beautiful greenery we were surrounded by. When all you really see during the winter is pine trees, green leaves have this weirdly contagious effect on you. Or is that just me?? But anyway, I thought this particular wallpaper would warm me up a bit this morning. And maybe it can for you, too!

Free Wallpaper, Be Here | Breanna Rose

Last week, I wrote about a phrase that I’ve been trying to make a habit, everyday : this is where you are. And based on what you guys had to say, it was comforting to find out that I’m not alone. SO, I decided to make a little ( freebie ) desktop reminder for us all!! The simple words “be here” can easily remind us to enjoy the here and now. To take a look around at what’s beautiful instead of muddling our thoughts with negativity and the unknown. Plus, it gave me a chance to use a new font I just downloaded + love, Velik. Please download + enjoy the various formats below!

Free Wallpaper | Winter | By Breanna Rose

Similar to the fall wallpaper I made a few months ago, I decided to go ahead and design one for this winter!! I always have so much fun doing line illustrations, so really, it’s great practice AND free stuff for you guys. Win win win. Hopefully this can be a seasonal thing and at this point – spring can’t come soon enough. The sub zero temps here are putting a damper on actually leaving the house. Yikes. I guess it’s another day in pajamas for me! And as always, you can download the wallpaper below. The fun part is that at full size, the gold color is actually a nice texture + sheen. Enjoy!