Branding Process for Lydia Jane | by Breanna Rose

As usual, I’m pretty pumped to share these process shots with you all today! They are for a fun client who I spoke a little bit about right here a week ago. Lydia’s story + strategy is so great and it’s been an absolute breeze working with her so far. As you can see, we kept “edgy” in play at all times, but in different ways. That was key. We needed to figure out what the right amount of “edge” was. Obvious or not. The first option was a little more light + open ( less obvious in “edge” ), while the second option was far more bold in comparison. We are actually still finalizing things, but have made significant headway on the chosen direction. For now, I’ll just say that less is more. I’ll make sure to share the final result once we put everything together! More soon. PS. Sorry for always being such a tease with these posts. I truly love hearing all your thoughts and sharing insight into my process, so I hope you don’t mind … too much. ;)

Gohan Process | by Breanna Rose

Since late last fall, I’ve been working with a local sushi catering business that has a unique perspective on what they’ll be offering. While their main focus is on using local veggies and sustainable fish options, they also want to help put together gatherings that bring people together at the table. It’s all about community! So for their branding, we explored two different paths, which you can see inter-mingled above. The first is a much more modern + bold look, while the second is lighter + fresh. The common thread between everything, though, is simplicity! Score. In the end, the clients chose the bold look for its presence, since the color palette certainly helps bring in that slight soft touch, too. We are currently finalizing the brand right now + will be starting on their website design soon! More to come.

Nectar & Green Branding Process | Breanna Rose

I’m pretty pumped to share this branding process with you guys! It’s been a long time coming, but a rewarding experience at that. Laurel came to me with a new business idea for a brick and mortar juice cafe. My first thought was, FUN. And yes. I like juice. It’s always a great moment when inquiries realize the importance of branding and are eager to jump on board. Together, we chatted about concepts and devised a plan for going forward. Like many projects, the initial branding concepts weren’t too crazy different from one another. I had a good idea about where she wanted to go, so the main variations came into play with typography and the use of bold vs thin. While the final result isn’t any of the above, we did use a lot of the elements that you see. And in the end, simplicity was the winner. Currently, we are just about to dive into website design – so more to come on that front. We hope to launch in the spring, which isn’t too far away. More soon!

Scout Process | Breanna Rose

Since it’s getting so close to launch time for a client of mine, I thought I’d share a little insight into the process before everything is released and out there! Scout Lifestyle is a new online brand that will sell modern day bedding + textiles that are absolutely beautiful. Seriously. Alex came to me at the very beginning of her process and was so passionate about creating a brand that truly reflected her products. In contrast to the last process shot I shared with you ( two distinct directions ), we knew that for THIS identity, we wanted something very simple + modern. And because of this, the presented options ( some shown above ) weren’t as starkly different, but more of an exploration in variations. Honestly, it came down to typography. Condensed or not. We also made sure each option had a little edge to it in terms of details.

Scout Process | Breanna Rose

In the end, you can see which option we went with by visiting their coming soon page. It’s amazing how such a simple brand can be paired with a fun mark + pattern to make it feel complete. The color certainly helps, too! The good news is that unlike most process projects I put up on the blog, this one is ALMOST ready to launch. I just received a link to the test website this week and everything is looking so killer and ready to go – I can’t wait to share it with you all!! I promise to share more as soon as that comes around. Plus, it’ll be a fun new shop for those of you who are looking to spruce up your own home. Promise!

Kinder Grey Co. Process | Breanna Rose

Oh man, it’s been awhile since I shared some of my in progress projects. There is a lot that’s been under wraps and it’s always hard to wait until the end. That’s why I love sharing little snippets like these so much! A lot of you who took my survey a few weeks back mentioned wanting to here MORE about choices + revisions and how I move forward with clients. Because of that, I’d like to talk a little more in depth about this particular project. If you take a look back at this moodboard, you can see where it all began. Joanie is starting a NEW business that is all about the outdoors + adventure. She is one of the most passionate clients I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, so it was important for us to convey her lifestyle in order to attract like minded individuals at launch. We played around with two very different concepts before settling on THE ONE …