Moodboard by Rowan Made

I am SO excited to share this moodboard with you all, as it’s for a pretty cool project. At least I think so. ;) Here’s the thing : I’m a complete foodie. So whenever an inquiry comes in that involves food, I usually have a little dance party and get WAY too excited. Over time, it’s fun to discover the types of projects you like working on MOST. And for me, that happens to be bakeries, restaurants, caterers … and popcorn makers! This client is actually a sister duo from New York City, looking to start their own line of popped goods and beyond. And in New York, you know the whole “best of / you gotta try this” mentality? For pizza, bagels, etc.? Well, that’s exactly what these ladies want to be for popcorn! We’re creating something that is a little bit luxe, yet not out of reach. Perfect for somebody on the go, who needs a quick + reliable treat. We already have their brand finalized and are moving onto package design, so you can bet I’ll be sharing more with you all ( including some process snippets ) along the way as soon as I can.

PS. For those of you in the good old US of A, have a happy Fourth! I’ll be checking out tomorrow and relaxing the entire weekend, as it’s supposed to be quite nice. What kind of plans do you all have??

Moodboard GRGD | By Rowan Made

As I was writing my most recentprocess post last Friday, I realized that I had never shared the moodboard for this particular brand with you all. So although it’s a bit backwards, I’ve decided to write about it today. Truthfully, this brand took a little longer than usual to nail down. I typically work one one one with clients, but this time around brought more individuals to the table. And because there were more people involved, we had to make sure that everyone was on board. Through collaborative inspiration pulling and lots of strategy discussion, we were able to nail down this look! And as you can see from last week’s post, we are well on our way to finalizing things up. While this project started off as a challenge ( project management wise ), it has been surprisingly smooth sailing + efficient once the moodboard was set in place. Just goes to show you how important this part of the process actually is!

Moodboard | Northwest Natural

This particular moodboard is for a project that is taking me out of my box a little bit. While I’m no stranger to neutral + natural color palettes, it’s the more etherial and handwritten combo that will be an exploration for me. There was a long period of time where I would simply say “no” to these kind of projects and point inquiries another way, as I feel it’s important to find the right designer fit. But there was just something about this particular couple that I felt completely drawn to. The way they communicate their needs, talk about their personalities, and how it all intertwines within their brand is beautiful. I’m game. Plus, the top left image was actually taken by them and truly encompasses the brand direction. You can see a sneak peek here ( nothing final ), otherwise more to come real soon.

Moodboard | Elegant Edge

Alright, so. This may be one of my favorite moodboards I’ve shared with you all to date. There’s just something amazing that happens when everything clicks and a board feels as one. This one did that. Each client I work with receives a tailored questionnaire that really speaks volumes for how we move forward. Through their own words, I carefully craft brand strategies that pin-point “buzzwords” for us to keep in mind as we progress throughout the process. This particular client, Emily, is a talented photographer who has some of the following word descriptors : comfortable, calm, tasteful, beauty, and unexpected. In order to keep focus on her work, we are aiming to create something that is timeless, but not entirely. We want to bring in a little bit of unique flair, too, as you can see in some of the typography examples from above! I’m actually just about to present the initial designs next week ( !! ) and will have more, I’m sure, very shortly. But for now, I’m going to daydream about this palette. Sound good??

Lydia Jane | Moodboard | by Breanna Rose

I’m working with a photographer right now who has quite an inspiring strategy when it comes to branding. After going over our usual questionnaire, she made a special note about her personality. Naturally, she’s really outgoing, chatty, and makes it easy for others to step in front of the camera, no matter the situation. But despite these traits, she wanted her brand to be about the stories. It’s a perfect example of how personal touches can infuse themselves into the branding of a business. So to encourage this balance, we’re going for an aesthetic that is straight forward + simple. Doing this allows the true focal point ( the stories ) to shine. But of course, we’re adding little bits of “edge” here and there to hint at her personality. Branding should tell your story, truthfully. And this one does. We’re in the first revision phase currently and I’m already so pumped to share more with you all next week. Stay tuned!