Mixtape | Fall at Your Feet

I’ve been collecting music for this mixtape for awhile now and am pretty excited to share it with you all! Not gonna lie … it definitely got me through last week when I was feeling more exhausted than usual. It includes a lot of new stuff I’ve been into lately and is perfect for a morning jump start, if the slow key stuff isn’t cutting it for you on this Monday morning. Plus, Marina and The Diamonds ( two songs of theirs on this mix ) are pretty fun – can’t believe I hadn’t really heard them before. Feel free to listen + enjoy below … and cheers to a fresh new week!!

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01. “Paris” — Magic Man
02. “Heart Of Nowhere” — Noah And The Whale
03. “Like A Stranger” — Bodies Of Water
04. “Mowgli’s Road” — Marina And The Diamonds
05. “French Navy” — Camera Obscura
06. “Fall At Your Feet” — Boy & Bear
07. “Hunger Song” — The Middle East
08. “Civilian” — Wye Oak
09. “Money Grabber” — Fitz And The Tantrums
10. “Lament” — Mount Moriah
11. “Hermit The Frog” — Marina Ant The Diamonds
12. “As If By Magic” — La Roux

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Mixtape | This Is The Sound | Breanna Rose

After many months of thought + continuing preparation, I’m ready to share a little ( BIG ) secret with you guys. You may think it’s weird that I’m choosing to tell you on a mixtape post, but I promise … there is meaning. For about a year now, I’ve had this never ending urge to take my business to the next level. And I know that sounds a little cliché because as creatives, we’re always wondering what’s next and making plans on how to move forward in the best way possible. But this time, I felt stuck. It’s always been a dream of mine to own my own business, and in a way, I’m doing that just fine, solo. But then it occurred to me : I need to create a base. A base that will allow me to expand in the future beyond just myself and my own name. 2014 is the year that I will launch my own studio with a completely new identity.

Not too much will change right away. I will continue working as I have been, as a freelance designer. There will be a new name ( it’s still a secret – sorry!! ) and a refined process, but my passion + niche will remain the same. I’m not sure when I will officially launch, as there is still much to do, but I promise you will be the first to know as it develops. This is my dream and I want to set the stage in the right way.

So that brings us back to this mixtape. Before I even created the moodboard for this project, I started a new playlist on Spotify entitled “brand.” There wasn’t a name yet, only a feeling I wanted to achieve. This mix expresses the brand experience I am hoping to create. It’s for a drive up north to the woods, filled with inspiration and forward movement. Feel free to listen + enjoy via the links below! I promise I will share much more in the coming months.

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Mixtape | Dark Lights, Shine Loud | Curated by Breanna Rose

Well well well, happy Halloween everyone!! Since it’s a special occasion, I thought I would curate a special mix for the day … especially for those of you ( including myself ) who are working the day away. It’s always weird, isn’t it, when Halloween falls on a weekday. I want to be out celebrating and dressing up, but am also so tired from the past week. Since we’re finally in a house vs an apartment and in a neighborhood where children live, we plan on handing out candy for the first time!! I’m pretty pumped. Our front entrance is all decorated ( not pictured : huge black spider web + string lights and gravestones ) and perhaps we’ll even dress up. Walter the pup even has a costume. He’s going to be a blue dragon.

PS. I know this cover photo is a little bit creepy … but it’s All Hallow’s Eve and I just couldn’t help myself. Listen + enjoy the tunes below!

spotify | 8tracks

01. “Bad Blood” — Bastille
02. “Rabbit Hole” — The Temper Trap
03. “BTSK” — MS MR
04. “Crying Lightning” — Arctic Monkeys
05. “You Don’t Have A Clue” — Royksopp
06. “Lordy May” — Boy & Bear
07. “DIY” — Keep Shelly In Athens
08. “Tell Mama” — The Civil Wars
09. “I’m Into You” — Chet Faker
10. “Dark Lights, Shine Loud” — Gabriel Bruce
11. “Blood On The Leaves” — Kanye West

mixtape / female robbery

I had a small playlist going a few weeks back when I clicked on Spotify’s “start radio” button for said list. What ended up happening was me discovering a whole bunch of new tunes + artists, which was pretty neat! I’ll have to hit that button more often, huh?? The result of that adventure is this playlist, combining a few songs I pulled as well as new ones I’ve found. The tone is fairly slow, funky, and a little progressive – so great for a workday. I know this Wednesday is going to need a little pick me up, so that’s what this is for. Plus, the cover of “No Diggity” is awesome. Listen + enjoy below!

spotify | 8tracks

01. “Feed Me Diamonds” — MNDR
02. “Love Run Dry” — Owl Eyes
03. “Gold” — Wake Owl
04. “To You” — Young Wonder
05. “Female Robbery” — The Neighbourhood
06. “Float” — Pacific Air
07. “No Diggity” — Chet Faker
08. “No Words” — The Script
09. “Riverside” — Agnes Obel
10. “Smoke & Mirrors” — Ruby Frost
11. “Into The Past” — Nero
12. “Devil’s Backbone” — The Civil Wars

mixtape / by breanna rose

Today is a big week! We’re moving on Friday ( and potentially earlier ) so I’m sure I’ll be feeling a bit chaotic here and there, especially since I plan to work through most of it on a normal schedule. I absolutely needed a mixtape this Monday morning and wanted to share it all with you! The music is intentional and will help move you along today. I’m really digging the first and last songs. Listen + enjoy below!

spotify | 8tracks

01. “Head Is Not My Home” — MS MR
02. “On the Road” — J. Thoven
03. “Another Girl” — Wild Belle
04. “Purple Yellow Red and Blue” — Portugal. The Man
05. “Mr McGee” — Zero 7
06. “The Starting Line” — Keane
07. “Ghost Towns” — Radical Face
08. “On A Train” — Yuksek
09. “Dirty Paws” — Of Monsters And Men
10. “Everything Moves” — Bronze Radio Return