Wantlist : For The Fall

We’ve been getting small doses of fall weather up here in Minnesota, and I’ve actually been embracing it pretty hardcore. On the first day that cool temperatures came through, I made my favorite butternut squash risotto recipe and savored every bite. And now I’m all about sweaters, fall colors, and everything in between. I have my eye on two brands right now who are doing this season right : Cuyana ( new lookbook here!! ) and The Citizenry. Both of them exude all of the beautiful warm colors we all associate with the fall, so naturally, I want to buy everything. And I mean everything. Also included above are a few other fun things that you can shop through below :

Breanna Rose | Little Insights

life as of late has gone a little something like this

ONE We’ve officially been back from our trip to Europe for a week now, so I thought I would check in! The honeymoon was great, minus the four day window where I was pretty sick. I’ll share more about everything as soon as I get photos edited — but for now, I’ll tell you that Ghent, Belgium was by far our favorite location!

TWO I spent this past weekend in Chicago with my biz partner Jen Serafini working on our Be Free, Lance workshop! We got SO much done, including a photoshoot for our website. Everything is finally coming together and we absolutely cannot wait to share more real soon. Plus, we ate a lot of really great food in the city. Carbs + cheese.

THREE Michael & I made a quick stop at Forage Modern Workshop in Minneapolis last week. Usually I want everything, but don’t end up getting anything. But this time was different! I ended up scoring a blanket I’ve been eyeing forever. It was 60% off, so that helped! I’m beginning to think I have a bit of a blanket obsession. Michael called me out on it this time around, but I ignored him … ;) #marriage

Breanna + Michael Wedding | Photos by Athena Pelton

I wasn’t one of those girls who grew up planning her own future wedding. In fact, the idea of getting married in front of a bunch of people terrified me. My expectations, however, couldn’t have been further from reality. In a good way. If I could bottle up all the love that filled our day, I would. If I could relive it over and over and over, I would. Although we spent many long months planning every single detail of our big day, those aren’t the things I’ll remember. Not at all. Instead, I’ll remember my dad joking about my puppy while walking me down the aisle to calm my nerves. I’ll remember Michael’s shark socks. I’ll remember our friend Jesse singing “Home” so perfectly during the ceremony. I’ll remember hand feeding everyone at the head table our wedding cake because it was so good and I wanted them to enjoy some, too. I’ll remember wearing special jewelry that belonged to each of our Grandmothers. I’ll remember not so secretly dancing to Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance in the woods during a portrait shoot. I’ll remember how beautiful everyone looked. And as sappy as this all sounds, it’s the honest to God truth. Love is all that matters.

Commonplace | by Rowan MadeCommonplace | by Rowan Made

About a month ago now, I took one whole day to shoot a bunch of portfolio pieces. Rowan Made’s website is ALMOST ready to go out into the world. It’s all designed + coded — I just need to upload all of the new project photos as soon as I get home from our trip. So hopefully ( fingers crossed ) I’ll be able to share our launch in the upcoming few weeks! But for now, I wanted to share the above shots.

Commonplace launched earlier this summer and was one of my favorite projects to date. I hadn’t shot the print pieces by the time I was ready to share the brand + website with you all … so I apologize for my tardiness here. Zach needed a small suite of pieces to use on the daily when sending out products to customers. We ended up keeping it simple with business cards + a few stamps to complete the look. By using a kraft paper notecard, he can stamp on his “thank you & enjoy” note as well as a triangular pattern on the back and BOOM … affordable brand details. Everything is contained in a navy envelope — it’s that simple!

Coastal Moodboard | Curated by Rowan Made

Hey everyone! Just a quick check in while I’m away with a moodboard for a current project. This one is for an jewelry artist that is looking to place herself within the affordable luxury market. Her hand made + quality driven pieces will be fairly simple and classic, ready to go with anything. And because of this, we are looking to create a timeless brand that will stand the test of time as well. With coastal influences and a modern base, this one has definitely been fun to work on. ;) You can see a sneak peek right here! More on this one real soon. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!