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life as of late has gone a little something like this

ONE After a busy few weeks of traveling (more on that soon), it was good to finally have plenty of time at home. I had lunch with my friend Athena a few weeks ago at The Cooper Hen, one of my new favorites. ;) I indulged on macaroni and cheese (#sorrynotsorry) and enjoyed every second of it. PS. They also have amazing chicken pot pie. I’m a connoisseur of sorts. Go there now if you can!!

TWO Since it’s fall and all, Michael made his first veggie chili of the season!! The awesome thing is that it’s never the same chili twice. He likes to experiment and come up with new “master” concoctions … this version had a touch of cinnamon and a medley of beans, veggies, etc. We like to top ours off with greek yogurt (healthier sub for sour cream) and really really good cheddar cheese from our local co-op.

THREE Last week was seriously killer on the mail front. First, I received a few orders from Everlane (trench + sweater) that I’ve been coveting! Then came this pillow from The Citizenry (pictured above) that I mentioned last week on a wantlist post. It is one of the softest + most beautiful pillows I’ve ever owned. I keep moving it around the house trying to find the perfect spot for it to live. ;)

Moodboard Curated by Rowan Made

As promised, here is another little sneak peek into some current work going on behind the scenes at Rowan Made! This moodboard is for a clothing boutique in Portland that is getting ready to redo everything. From branding, build-out, interior updates, and everything in between. You name it, their gearing up for it – and I’m so excited to help on that journey. They have a “Best Friend Philosophy” in their shop, which basically means that you will be taken care of while there. By pairing their welcoming atmosphere with a chic + clean brand, we’ll create a balance for their exact needs. A brand that shows strength, knowledge, and friendliness all in one. We’re pretty early on in the process (initial logo comps) still, but I already can’t wait to build this one out, since there are so many moving parts.

M.Cruz Branding Process | Rowan Made

I realized that it’s been awhile since I last shared some in progress work with you all. Woops. With the wedding + honeymoon taking up so much time this summer, things got a little slow around the studio. But! There are so many fun projects in the works right now that I’m very excited to share as they head towards completion. Here is one of them. The above shots are from a current client (moodboard here) who is in the beginning stages of creating a jewelry business. We wanted something that felt light and modern, yet very coastal, all of which are being achieved by thin line strokes and color. More on this one shortly (we’re almost done!) and another sneak peek at something different later this week.

Wantlist : For The Fall

We’ve been getting small doses of fall weather up here in Minnesota, and I’ve actually been embracing it pretty hardcore. On the first day that cool temperatures came through, I made my favorite butternut squash risotto recipe and savored every bite. And now I’m all about sweaters, fall colors, and everything in between. I have my eye on two brands right now who are doing this season right : Cuyana ( new lookbook here!! ) and The Citizenry. Both of them exude all of the beautiful warm colors we all associate with the fall, so naturally, I want to buy everything. And I mean everything. Also included above are a few other fun things that you can shop through below :

Breanna Rose | Little Insights

life as of late has gone a little something like this

ONE We’ve officially been back from our trip to Europe for a week now, so I thought I would check in! The honeymoon was great, minus the four day window where I was pretty sick. I’ll share more about everything as soon as I get photos edited — but for now, I’ll tell you that Ghent, Belgium was by far our favorite location!

TWO I spent this past weekend in Chicago with my biz partner Jen Serafini working on our Be Free, Lance workshop! We got SO much done, including a photoshoot for our website. Everything is finally coming together and we absolutely cannot wait to share more real soon. Plus, we ate a lot of really great food in the city. Carbs + cheese.

THREE Michael & I made a quick stop at Forage Modern Workshop in Minneapolis last week. Usually I want everything, but don’t end up getting anything. But this time was different! I ended up scoring a blanket I’ve been eyeing forever. It was 60% off, so that helped! I’m beginning to think I have a bit of a blanket obsession. Michael called me out on it this time around, but I ignored him … ;) #marriage