Capsule Wardrobe | Breanna Rose

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was in the process of cultivating a capsule wardrobe. The blog Un-Fancy has been a huge inspiration in my process + it doesn’t hurt that Caroline has a similar style to what I would pick off the racks anyway. I literally sat down, drew out boxes ( similar to the image above ) and filled in ideas for my wardrobe based on what I already had and what I need to fill the cracks. It’s kind of funny how easy it was to figure everything out once I could see it on paper. Before, I would get overwhelmed and not buy anything at all, leaving me with a very sparse closet. I was literally wearing jeans + tees every day.

The biggest thing I’ve learned throughout this whole process is to find brands that fit really well and start from there. For me, that happens to be J.Crew + Everlane. I may discover good finds elsewhere, but these are my two “go to” brands that just never fail. From there, I’ve learned to simply be myself. I’m not a very fancy person and tend to wear simplistic and casual outfits on the daily … so that’s where my focus was. As you can see ( above ), there’s a whole lot of white, grey, chambray, and cognac. My neutral sweet spot. I don’t really have much more color than that in my closet – - and have learned to be okay with it. Is this adult life? If any of you are currently putting together a capsule wardrobe and have any good / fun finds, I would love to hear about it! You can shop what I have so far below :

Moodboard | Curated by Rowan Made

Hey you guys! Remember a few days back when I talked about kicking those excuses to the curb? ( Thank you for all your sweet responses about that by the way. I truly appreciate each and every one of you. ) – - Well, about two months ago, I started quietly working towards one of my goals. My back was at it’s worst, I had too much work, and was desperate to make things better. I had always planned on expanding my design studio, Rowan Made, beyond just myself. I just didn’t think it would happen so soon. ;) So in the midst of chaos and stress, I did something that OLD Bre wouldn’t have done. I brought on a new team member! Old Bre would have waited for the chaos to subside. Silly. So without further ado, I would like to introduce you to Rowan Made’s newest designer : Brianna Burton!!

Forget the Buts, Put Yourself First | Breanna Rose

We all have goals. And dreams. And places we want to see. There’s the people we want to meet. The life we want to live. And the plans we have to make it all happen. But time after time, many of us find excuses or get stuck in comfortable routines, so much so that our intricate plans are set aside for another day. Or no day at all. Sadly, this is the way many of us live, myself included. Three months ago, I was faced with terrible back pain, piles of stress, and the harsh realization that my work driven lifestyle was taking a toll on my body. All at once, it became painfully clear that I couldn’t keep up with my own self defined pace for much longer.

It was obvious that some sort of change needed to happen, but alas, old habits die hard. As most would, I asked myself many “what if” questions. What if I took on less work? What if I bought a spur of the moment plane ticket to Hawaii and just relaxed for 7 straight days? What if I ate healthier? Each question was promptly answered with some sort of excuse and simply forgotten about the next day. The idea of change, however, kept coming back to me and weighed heavily on my mind ( and my back ) for some time. So finally, I decided to break routine. Because really, if something isn’t working … maybe it’s time to try a different approach.

Creative Diaries | Ana Degenaar

I’ve been following the work of Ana Degenaar since the beginning of my blogging days. Since then, we’ve kept in touch and even collaborated a few times. Not only does this lady have an impeccable eye and great taste, but every time we catch up, I’m floored by Ana’s genuine + sweet personality, too. For this creative diary entry, she was to focus on one single work day and answer a few simple questions about the good, the bad, and the inspiring. This is what happened, truthfully.

WHAT IS THE FIRST THING THAT YOU DID THIS MORNING : No “Rise and shiiine!” for me this morning. I woke up at 5:00am on my own steam. A cup of tea on my deck while going through my personal emails did the trick. Following that, I closed my eyes for a few brief moments as focused on my daily intentions. Then off to a slow canter.

Creative Diaries | Ana DegenaarCreative Diaries | Ana Degenaar

DESCRIBE ONE CHALLENGE THAT YOU FACED : Today was one of those days – a 13 hour workday. On a Friday. Just pausing for a minute to remember if I’m superstitious… No! Off to a gallop. Emails were coming in late and the day never seemed to slow back down at any point. I had appointments and all kinds of commitments tugging at me – a little hard to catch a breather – but the toughest punch in the gut was realizing that 2 of my camera lenses had broken in the move. I swore at nothing and no one and moved on with my busy day… I did want to set fire to the rain and watch it burn, but alas, it was a sunny day in the tropics.

Creative Diaries | Ana Degenaar

DESCRIBE ONE ACCOMPLISHMENT : I wrapped up a website for a new client who I’ve come to adore. We went through days and weeks of designing, talking and sketching – and today I finally started the developing phase. We couldn’t be happier. In the process I got to know her and that’s more valuable to me than anything else.

DESCRIBE ONE THING YOU LEARNED : I learned that those little things I do, like having little bits of inspiration scattered all around my house are the very things that keep my passion alive. I also learned to cut myself some slack and understand there’s a limit to my energy and my time. Very liberating.

Creative Diaries | Ana Degenaar

WHAT IS THE LAST THING YOU DID FOR WORK : I replied to a couple of emails and went down to the post office to send my clients a few packages. Snail mail and email. A bit of the old and the new. I’m always astonished at how my clients and I become so close – and that makes me love my job that much more.

AND JUST FOR FUN, DID YOU EAT ANYTHING TASTY : I headed down to the beach for sunset, picked up some food and walked back home to eat and watch an episode of my favorite series. I haven’t been eating out that much lately, so that was a little respite from my busy schedule.

Creative Diaries | Ana Degenaar

City Pop | Branding Process| Rowan Made

Although things have been a little slow ( thank you wedding planning #AHHH ) in the design studio this summer, I’m still so excited about all the different clients we have on our roster at the moment! Remember that popcorn brand’s moodboard I shared with you last week? Well, here are some actual process shots from the design process! The plan is to keep City Pop’s brand strong + modern, while merging it with nostalgic touches here and there. For example, the business cards and popcorn packaging will all feature kraft paper and have a more textured appearance. I can’t wait to share more as we finalize different pieces of the puzzle. I know I say that all the time, but it’s truly a great feeling when you’re working with the right people. Cheers to that!!