Rowan Made | Website

I can’t believe this day is finally here. After working under the name Rowan Made for just over six months now (time flies!!), the official website is finally live + ready for all to see!! I spent months designing this website, only to come back with fresh eyes and redesign it yet again. Needless to say, it’s been quite the process. The biggest goal I had going into this was to create a website that 100% reflected the type of clients I love working with as well as capturing Rowan Made’s thoughtfully simple aesthetic. There are a ton of new projects featured in the portfolio section, which you can see more of right here. I will be pulling out specific projects and outlining them on the blog over the next few months or so, as I realize I haven’t had a chance to dive deeply and chat more about the process with you all! It just feels so good to finally be in a place where everything feels just right. It’s taken a lot of patience, but I’m happy to be here. :)

Rowan Made | Website

This is the first launch of a big month ahead. For the past several months, I’ve been working hard to not only get Rowan Made ready, but Be Free, Lance (with my biz partner Jen Serafini), as well. Speaking of BFL, we’ve been knee deep in prepping our sell site, which launches on December 1st. Thank you so much for all of your kind words and support over the last few months with all of these new ventures. It’s definitely exciting to finally start sharing them all with you after months of secrecy. More to come, SOON! Now, I’m off to celebrate with a glass of wine. You with me?

Commonplace x Breanna Rose | Giveaway

Do you guys remember my past client Commonplace? I shared a bit more about the project awhile back (here, here, & here) if you want to take a walk down memory lane. Today, though, we have a fun giveaway for you with an interesting twist! Zach, the owner of Commonplace, approached me about doing a giveaway, where the idea of giving was at the forefront. With the Holiday season coming up, we thought now would be the perfect time! And just in case you haven’t clicked around yet, Commonplace is a curated personal goods + accessories shop, located solely online. Zach is offering one of my readers a chance to win a leather product of their choice and either keep it for themselves, or gift it to a loved one.

This giveaway is a little bit different from others that I’ve hosted in the past. To enter, you’ll simply need to visit my instagram account (@imbreannarose) and leave a comment on this post. In your comment, tag somebody that you think would enjoy a product from Commonplace so that we can spread the gift of giving. You may enter up to three times (three different people), just make sure that you leave a new comment for each entry! One winner will be chosen at random one week from today (11.25) and announced via Instagram. Oh! And if you’d like to receive a product for yourself (there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself), simply tag yourself for one of the entries. Good luck guys!!

Creative Diaries by Breanna Rose | Featuring Jane Riley

I was lucky enough to meet Jane Riley in person a few years back at Designer Vaca. She’s down to earth, sweet, and is a wildly talented designer, too! In fact, if you’ve ever visited Clementine Daily or Bleubird’s blog, you’ve already seen her work. ;) It’s all very well thought out and nice on the eyes! For this creative diary entry, she was to focus on one single work day and answer a few simple questions about the good, the bad, and the inspiring. This is what happened, truthfully.

I woke up at 5am to babies crying for me. My oldest (2 yrs) was crying because he was hungry and needed to go to the bathroom. My youngest (1 yr) was upset because he has a cold and wanted to be held. I gave the oldest a piece of bread and held my baby in a big chair in the corner of their room until they decided they could go back to sleep for another half hour… then we were all up at 6AM and racing to get ready for the day.

Creative Diaries by Breanna Rose | Featuring Jane RileyCreative Diaries by Breanna Rose | Featuring Jane Riley

I have a client whose project has been dragging on for a while. I am usually so good at keeping clients on task and making sure that we hit deadlines but this one really took some crazy turns that I didn’t anticipate. Content wasn’t ready, multiple revisions were made outside of the scope of the project, etc. I’m totally not complaining about this at all, because it happens and I want other designers to know that this is pretty normal and not a reason to feel like a failure – it’s just a challenge. Today I had to re-write the original invoice / contract in order to postpone the last portion of the project until an unknown later date when the client will hopefully have all of their content together. The challenge was deciding if closing this project and starting again at a later date was the right thing to do. It felt really good to me so that is what I decided would be the best plan of action.

I was able to connect with a super cool client and put them on my 2015 calendar! Wahoo! It’s always validating when fun interesting creative people choose to work with you!

Creative Diaries by Breanna Rose | Featuring Jane RileyCreative Diaries by Breanna Rose | Featuring Jane Riley

I don’t know if I learned this today – more like I realized today that I have learned this over the last few months: I really love working and being busy. I used to complain about having too much to do and working too much but the truth is that I love it. I feel antsy and restless when I’m not being productive. It feels really good to have a job that is both fun and challenging. I realized today that I have come to really LOVE being productive and working hard.

Before I go to bed at night I usually read over emails that came in during the afternoon. I don’t work in the afternoon because I am taking my kids to the park or to the zoo or running errands with them and don’t want to divide my attention. So before I go to bed I read through all of the afternoon emails, I get some of the little things done, or send quick responses to clients that need to hear from me and then I make a to-do list for the morning. If I don’t write stuff down I will totally forget.

Creative Diaries by Breanna Rose | Featuring Jane Riley

I snuck a few pieces of my kids halloween candy while they weren’t looking. :) We are currently using it as potty training incentive but I give my self a piece when the day gets rough!

Rowan Made | Em The Gem Business CardsRowan Made | Gohan MarkRowan Made | Nectar & Green Business Cards

Man, this month has already been SO busy!! Because the launch of Be Free, Lance is so close (Dec. 1st), I’ve made it a personal goal to get Rowan Made’s website up and running before then, so that everything is good to go for the Holiday season. I shot the last of my portfolio pieces (for now) last week and plan to slowly edit and upload them over the next few weeks. Here are just a few shots of what’s to come! I can’t wait to share everything else, including a few fun + new projects, and will make sure to let you know when that day comes. It always feels good to check off a major milestone, right?? I’m counting down the days!

Be Free, Lance | Do I need a blog?

I got an email the other week from a reader, asking whether or not she truly needed a blog to promote her work and become a successful freelancer. Two years ago (heck, even one year ago), I would have said “Yeah, it’s probably a good idea.” But now? Well, things have changed. Visually driven social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram allow users to quickly and efficiently showcase all aspects of their creative lives, whether it’s promoting new work, curating a pinboard, or sharing behind the scenes action. At the drop of a hat, creatives can put their work (or style) directly in front of an audience without ever drafting a lengthy blog post. And that’s a big plus for some!

Truthfully, blogging is not essential for success within the world of freelancing. Nowadays, you can build the same kind of audience (if not bigger + faster) on Instagram, where everyone seems to be hanging out. Same with Pinterest! So where does that leave us with blogging? Well, that one is totally up to you. Blogging is a powerful medium that allows creatives to dig deeper and share more. But if you’re not feeling it, don’t worry! You don’t need a blog in order to have a big impact. By focusing on social media and utilizing these visual platforms to your advantage, you can still share your work to an interactive audience. It’s just a little bit different, that’s all! Consider where you’ll be more efficient and go for it. Because at the end of the day, it’s never a bad idea to put yourself out there and see what happens. :)

PS. Exciting news! The Be Free, Lance workshop is coming along and we’re SO close to launching! Tomorrow, we’ll be sending out a special newsletter that finally reveals when registration opens. So if you’d like to hear about it first, make sure you subscribe on our home page. See ya there!