Breanna + Michael Wedding | Photos by Athena Pelton

I wasn’t one of those girls who grew up planning her own future wedding. In fact, the idea of getting married in front of a bunch of people terrified me. My expectations, however, couldn’t have been further from reality. In a good way. If I could bottle up all the love that filled our day, I would. If I could relive it over and over and over, I would. Although we spent many long months planning every single detail of our big day, those aren’t the things I’ll remember. Not at all. Instead, I’ll remember my dad joking about my puppy while walking me down the aisle to calm my nerves. I’ll remember Michael’s shark socks. I’ll remember our friend Jesse singing “Home” so perfectly during the ceremony. I’ll remember hand feeding everyone at the head table our wedding cake because it was so good and I wanted them to enjoy some, too. I’ll remember wearing special jewelry that belonged to each of our Grandmothers. I’ll remember not so secretly dancing to Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance in the woods during a portrait shoot. I’ll remember how beautiful everyone looked. And as sappy as this all sounds, it’s the honest to God truth. Love is all that matters.

Commonplace | by Rowan MadeCommonplace | by Rowan Made

About a month ago now, I took one whole day to shoot a bunch of portfolio pieces. Rowan Made’s website is ALMOST ready to go out into the world. It’s all designed + coded — I just need to upload all of the new project photos as soon as I get home from our trip. So hopefully ( fingers crossed ) I’ll be able to share our launch in the upcoming few weeks! But for now, I wanted to share the above shots.

Commonplace launched earlier this summer and was one of my favorite projects to date. I hadn’t shot the print pieces by the time I was ready to share the brand + website with you all … so I apologize for my tardiness here. Zach needed a small suite of pieces to use on the daily when sending out products to customers. We ended up keeping it simple with business cards + a few stamps to complete the look. By using a kraft paper notecard, he can stamp on his “thank you & enjoy” note as well as a triangular pattern on the back and BOOM … affordable brand details. Everything is contained in a navy envelope — it’s that simple!

Coastal Moodboard | Curated by Rowan Made

Hey everyone! Just a quick check in while I’m away with a moodboard for a current project. This one is for an jewelry artist that is looking to place herself within the affordable luxury market. Her hand made + quality driven pieces will be fairly simple and classic, ready to go with anything. And because of this, we are looking to create a timeless brand that will stand the test of time as well. With coastal influences and a modern base, this one has definitely been fun to work on. ;) You can see a sneak peek right here! More on this one real soon. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Breanna Rose | OfficeBreanna Rose | Office

Hello hello! While I’m away, I thought it would be fun to share a few snippets from my home office ( AND to host a fun giveaway, but more on that in a sec!! ). We’ve officially been here for a year now and only recently did my office get the care + attention it desperately needed. Seriously, though — I had nothing on the beige draped walls for months. I don’t miss that a bit. ;) Before getting things together, I slowly created a pinterest board of what I was drawn to. My last office ( in our old apartment ) was very bright, eclectic, and small. This time, I wanted to be a bit more mindful of what I was putting together, while still creating a space that felt inspiring to work within. The end result is simple, fresh, and filled with tiny details that make me smile. Here are a few more details …

Breanna Rose | OfficeBreanna Rose | OfficeBreanna Rose | Office

I’ll share details about some of the prints below, but first – it’s GIVEAWAY TIME! Amber + Mike, the lovely duo behind Variety Show, were kind enough to send me a print for my gallery wall, which 100% encouraged me to finally put everything together in the studio. And today, they’re offering one of my readers a print of their own! Their shop currently has three simple + modern prints that stick within a simple color palette : black, white, and gold foil. Check out the prints below and read on to see how you can enter!

Variety Show Giveaway | Breanna Rose

Okay! SO. To enter, please leave a comment below sharing your favorite print from their shop as well as following them on either facebook or instagram. One entry per person, open to all who have a valid email address. The winner will be chosen at random and announced one week from today ( September 4th ) on the blog + through social media. Good luck guys!!


Here We Go | Breanna Rose

If I’m being completely honest, this summer has been a rollercoaster ride. From breaking down over a bowl of cantaloupe ( that happened ) to experiencing the full on bliss of our wedding day, my emotions have been all over the place, to say the least. Sure, I’ve kept my hat on and done my job — but I’ve also been quietly + steadily battling an influx of anxiety, stress, and unsettledness. The busy lifestyle I’ve created for myself is no longer sustainable and I’m truly ready to begin pulling back. At least I think so! Change is hard, and I’ve fought it for months, but today marks a new journey … one that I’ve been waiting for. At 7:30 this evening, Michael & I will be getting on a plane to Europe for our honeymoon, where we’ll have two weeks full of delicious food, long walks, and uninterrupted adventures.

I’m more than ready to relax. Explore. And do everything in between, too! Things will be a little quiet here on the blog ( minus a few scheduled posts ), but I promise to share updates over on instagram if you’d like to follow along. And when I return, it’s time to kick those excuses of mine to the curb. For real. :) Cheers to learning, growing, and putting yourself first. ♥